Conform art. 8 din Hotărârea Consiliului de Administrație al Universității din Craiova nr. 24 din 14.09.2022, activitatea didactică în perioada 28 noiembrie - 23 decembrie 2022 și 20 februarie-19 martie 2023 se va desfășura in format online.

Materialele didactice sunt disponibile accesând site-ul "Facultatea de Drept - cursuri online 2022-2023"





Centre for Studies and Research in Private Lawsigla CSCDP



The Centre for Studies and Research in Private Law is dedicated to promoting scientific research in the field of private law and to sustain actions, methods and means by which to stimulate knowledge, communication and creativity in the above mentioned research field.


The Centre conducts advanced research in private law, with particular focus on (a) civil legal acts, (b) family law, (c) property law and principal real rights, (d) the general theory of obligations, (e) special contracts and successions, (f) civil procedure, (g) professional contracts, (g) labour law, (h) international commercial law and (i) transport law. By undertaking high-level research in the previously mentioned areas of private law, C.S.R.P.L. members aim to bring this particular legal discipline forth and consequently align it to current academic and research trends and interdisciplinary approaches. The primary purpose of the Centre is to encourage its members as well as academic staff, researchers and students to proactively engage in the development of progressive research perspectives, methodologies and techniques that will facilitate the emergence of novel research directions in private law as well as a revitalisation of hitherto attained fundamental knowledge.


Coordinator of the research centre:

Professor Sevastian Cercel, PhD

Bios. Professor Sevastian Cercel, currently Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Craiova, is member of the academic and research community, as well as lead and joint author of well-known books, articles, studies and commentaries in prestigious national and international reviews. Apart from being an enthusiastic professor and doctoral thesis advisor, Sevastian Cercel is also a member of several professional associations, as well as grant holder and participant in various research & development projects (e.g. “Legal Means Regarding the Protection of Movable Cultural Goods”, Romanian Academy, 2005-2006; “Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality”, Elon University, USA Universite Interdisciplinaire de Paris, 2006-2007; “Science and Orthodoxy. Research and Education”, John Templeton Foundation, SUA, 2006-2009; “Romanian Legislation in the Field of Expropriation”, Masarykova Universizita, 2008).

Team members:

Permanent members:

Professor Cercel Sevastian, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Craiova

Specialisation: Civil Law

Professor Drăghici Pompil, PhD

Specialisation: Civil Law

Professor Găină Viorel, PhD

Specialisation: Commercial Law

Professor Olteanu Gabriel, PhD

Specialisation: Intellectual Property Law; Civil Law

Professor Predescu Bianca Maria Carmen, PhD

Specialisation: Private International Law

Professor Sâmbrian Teodor, PhD

Specialisation: Roman Law; Civil Law (Real Rights)

Professor Scurtu Ştefan, PhD

Specialisation: International Commercial Law

Professor Răduleţu Sebastian, PhD

Specialisation: Criminal Law; Human Rights and Freedoms; Procedural Rights ECtHR

Professor Răducanu Ruxandra, PhD

Specialisation: Special Criminal Law

Associate Professor Bogdan Adrian, PhD

Specialisation: Public International Law

Associate Professor Danciu Elena Tereza, PhD

Specialisation: Legal History of Romania

Associate Professor Dănişor Diana Domnica, PhD

Specialisation: French Language; Legal Terminology & Translations

Associate Professor Gărăiman Gabi Daniela, PhD

Specialisation: Legal Informatics

Professor Ghiţă Daniel, PhD

Specialisation: Civil Law; Civil Procedure

Associate Professor Ghiţă Oana, PhD

Specialisation: Family Law

Associate Professor Radu Roxana Cristina, PhD

Specialisation: Labour Law

Associate Professor Spânu Dan Ştefan, PhD

Specialisation: Civil Law

Associate Professor Ploscă Roberta, PhD

Specialisation: General Theory of Law

Associate professor Badea Simina, PhD

Specialisation: English Languag

Lecturer Diaconu Matei, PhD

Specialisation: Land Registration; Legal Sociology; Law & Economic Legislation 

Associate Professor Ilie Adrian Barbu, PhD

Specialisation: Environmental Law

Lecturer Istrătoaie Manuela Lavinia, PhD

Specialisation: Civil Law

Associate Professor Nica Elena Mădălina, PhD

Specialisation: Constitutional Law & Political Institutions; Human Rights & Freedoms; Election Law

Lecturer Stuparu Lavinia Elena, PhD

Specialisation: Banking Law

Lecturer Soreaţă Maria Marieta, PhD

Specialisation: European Union Law

Lecturer Stanciu Cristina, PhD

Specialisation: Transport Law

 Lecturer Voiculescu Ion Cătălin, PhD

Specialisation: Criminal Law

 Lecturer Ticu Mădălin Savu, PhD

Specialisation: Civil Law; Philosophy of Law

 Assistant Lecturer Bobaşu Camelia Mihaela, PhD

Specialisation: Civil Law

 Assistant Lecturer Dumitrică (Gherghe) Anca Costina, PhD

Specialisation: Civil Law

Assistant Lecturer Scarlat Daniela Isabela, PhD

Specialisation: Banking Law

Associate members:

Professor Belu Constantin, PhD
Lecturer Toma Tumbăr Lavinia, PhD

Lecturer Drăghici Andreea, PhD

Lecturer Aleca Carmina Elena, PhD

Lecturer Şerban Ionuţ Virgil, PhD

Lecturer Spîrchez Georgeta Bianca, PhD, The Christian University “Dimitrie Cantemir”, Bucharest

Assistant Lecturer Pîrvu Adriana-Ioana, PhD, University of Pitești

Assistant Lecturer Puran Andra Nicoleta, PhD, University of Pitești

Assistant Lecturer Duminică Florina Ramona, PhD, University of Pitești

Găloi Silvia Elena, PhD(c)

Scafeş Răzvan, PhD(c)


The Centre supports the exploitation of results obtained in legal research

Short description: The Centre aims to increase the visibility of research results in the area of private law through the publication of specialist studies and scientific papers and by means of initiating and organising regular public debates focused on topics of common interest.

Contact person: Adela Calotă, Research Assistant, email:

The Centre promotes rights of personality

Short description: The Centre is focused on the promotion of natural and legal persons’ civil, property and non-property rights, as well as on the furtherance of rights relating to the personality, as primordial rights of human beings, directly and inseparably linked to persons, such as: the right to life, the right to health and to physical and mental integrity, the right to self-determination, the right to dignity, the right to one’s own image, the right to respect for private life, as well as further rights recognised by law.

Contact person: Oana-Nicoleta Retea, PhD(c), email:

The Centre offers a support infrastructure that aims at narrowing down the gap between academic & career development

Short description: The Centre prioritises (a) the promotion of support instruments and mechanisms that will enable students and university graduates, particularly law degree holders affiliated with the Faculty of Law, University of Craiova or with other partner higher education institutions, to immerse successfully in the academic labour market; (b) the development of a support infrastructure that will boost employment outlooks in legal professional fields; (c) the valorisation of students’ talent and acquisitions achieved as a result of long-lasting, high-standard educational training. Moreover, the Centre organises, coordinates and sustains programmes that are meant to ensure an active involvement of students and university graduates in academic and career-forwarding projects. The aim of these programmes is to gradually introduce students, as well as graduates to labour market demands and prospects and engage them in practically oriented activities that will provide them with a sense of direction in terms of career opportunities and requirements, as well as with access to useful, skill-developing information and practice.

Contact person: Adela Calotă, Research Assistant, email:

The Centre encourages excellence in research & life-long learning

Short description: The goal of the Centre is to initiate and sustain partnerships with natural and legal persons designed to promote individual excellence within the University community. Moreover, the Centre awards a number of research grants for national and international documentation and research mobilities to its members and academic staff and a number of scholarships for the students of the Faculty of Law. The Centre is likewise committed to promoting life-long learning in formal, non-formal and informal contexts with the scope of with the scope of developing competences from a multifaceted personal, civil, social and occupational perspective.

Contact person: Oana-Nicoleta Retea, PhD(c), email:


Faculty of Law (Facultatea de Drept)

Telephone:+40 351 177100(Chief Secretary)

Fax:+40 351 177100


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