Publishing Principles

The Romanian Journal of Administrative Sciences is published two times a year, starting with 2017 (No. 1 = January-July, No. 2 = July-December).

The contributors will consider the following:

1. In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 8/1996 on copyright and neighbouring rights, the acceptance of materials sent for publication is the valid conclusion of the editing contract.

2. The material sent for publication must meet the following requirements:

- it has not been previously published;

- it fulfills the originality requirement;

- it has been corrected by the author: there are no typing mistakes;

- key-words are mentioned;

- it complies with the technical requirements:

a) font - Times New Roman;

b) font size – body of paper 10, footnotes 9; line spacing - 1; paper size A4, margins - top 4.7 cm; bottom 4.8 cm; left/right - 4 cm; header/footer - 3.9 cm.

3. The articles published in the journal will also be published online, on the journal website, accessible at

Sending the article for publication includes the author’s consent for online publication.

4. The studies of doctrine and commented case law will necessarily include an introductory abstract in English that reflects the basic ideas of the material. References will include the name of the author, the full title of the work, the publishing house, the publication place and year, the page/pages to which reference is made, in accordance with the standards of the Romanian Academy.

The bibliography will include Romanian and foreign fundamental works, as well as the latest developments in the field under consideration.

The articles and doctrine studies must be in-depth theoretical examinations, dealing with problems of practical interest which can be distinguished by the originality of the solutions and the novelty of the argumentation.

5. At the request of the editorial board, the author has the obligation to make the correction of the material and to mention “Print-Ready” on the final form before sending it for publication.

6. Since the journal is bilingual (Romanian-English), the materials will be sent and translated into English.